For the academic year of 2016/17, CKLC and MMKLPSC will share W33, a six–story residential building. Together with two other buildings W31 and W32, they form what is commonly called “Island Three”. Structurally the four buildings are connected, but each has its own entrance and space.

  • Television Room (G004)

    The television room is located at G004. It is an open space containing several tables, chairs, and couches. Here you can also find the newly-refurbished TV. Residents often watch TVs and use this place as a sharing space here, so be courteous and share the Living Room with other residents.

TV Room

  • College Library (G009)

    The mini library room is MMKLPSC’s public study space. The library holds a collections of over 100 books including Literature, Education and Arts, Business Administration, Cultural and History. There are tables and chairs for study and if you see someone else studying in the room, don’t talk loudly or play music out loud. Be considerate, especially during exam seasons!

Library 1

Library 2

  • The Meeting Room (G001)

    The meeting room is located at G001. It is a place for visitors / guests.


  • Dining Hall (G044-G046)

    All residents having meals in the dining halls during the term time across one academic year. It is located in G004 to G046 with more than 250 seats.  All residents who live in MMKLPSC are automatically signed up this meal plan with 15 meals per week at the dining hall.

  • Vending Machine Zone (G005)

    We have two zones providing vending machines for residents to purchase snacks and soft-drinks or social gathering in a relaxing environment.
    Vending Machine Zone

  • Laundry

    The laundry is located at every floor while installed 10 washing and drying machines. A simple rule is that take everything out of your pockets before washing. We had countless machines break because of bobby pins.

  • Fitness Room (G020-G021)

    The fitness room is located at G020 and G021, installed several equipment for residents to practice physical exercises daily from 07:00 to 23:00. A simple rule is that take care of all the equipment when you use it.
    Gym Room 1 Gym Room 2

  • Dancing Room (G022)

    The dancing room is located at G022 that suitable for residents to practices different kinds of exercises such as aerobics, yoga, etc and yoga mats are available for you to use.
    Dance Room

  • Other facilities

    Other facilities including a table tennis located at G003, a dark board located at G005, and one British snooker located at G floor in Block 3. All these facilities are free for residents to use.
    Snooker tableTable Tennis Table