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Events & Activities

  • “My Life of Studying Abroad” Talk by Dr. Hai-Feng LI

    “My Life of Studying Abroad” Talk by Dr. Hai-Feng LI

    由應用物理及材料工程研究所助理教授李海峰教授主講的「我的留學生活」講座於11月22日晚上在W33-G004室舉辦,李海峰教授先向院生們講解了其專業,繼而分享了留學美國、德國及西班牙時的趣事及照片。此次講座令同學們更加了解留學不同地方的生活。 “My Life of Studying Abroad” which talked by Prof. Hai-Feng LI, Assistant Professor of Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering, was successfully held on 22 November 2016. Prof. Li told about his major and shared his interesting experience and photos of his studying abroad. Students understood more about the […]

  • CKLC Mathematics Tutorial Club

    CKLC Mathematics Tutorial Club

    您害怕數學嗎?您在數學科上遇到困難嗎?現在正式宣佈,張崑崙書院數學輔導小組成立了!由來自FST數學系的曾佩璇同學及FBA工商管理系的何卓航同學為您們於每星期一21:00-22:00在W33-1011室提供輔導。張崑崙書院數學輔導小組不需要任何報名登記,如果您有興趣或在數學上遇到困難,歡迎每星期一到W33-1011室找他們吧! Are you afraid of mathematics? Are you having trouble with learning mathematics? We are glad to announce that Cheong Kun Lun College Mathematics Tutorial Club is now established! Ms. Bella Chang from FST and Mr. Victor He from FBA will provide tutorial at Room W33-1011 every Monday 21: 00-22: […]

  • CKLC Chinese Calligraphy Club Workshop

    CKLC Chinese Calligraphy Club Workshop

    為了培養學生的書法水平及對書法藝術的了解,張崑崙書院組織了書法興趣小組。我們於十一月每星期一提供了書法興趣班,歡迎所有同學參加。 In other to improve the awareness and skill of Chinese calligraphy culture among campus, build up a communicative environment to learn and practice calligraphy, and give a chance for calligraphy lovers to share calligraphy work and experience. CKLC is now setting up a CKLC Chinese Calligraphy Club. We will […]

  • Discussion on the US Election 2016

    Discussion on the US Election 2016

    美國大選雖已塵埃落定,但仍是城中熱話,因此,余小明院長於2016年11月16日與學生一起探討這次美國大選。院生們作為具全球視野的公民,他們踴躍分享自己的見解,剖析希拉莉及當勞·特朗普於選舉中的贏輸要素。 The US Election has been a hot topic lately, therefore, our college master, Dr. Peter Yu, discussed and explored this topic with students on 16 November 2016. To be a citizen with global perspectives, students shared their opinion and explored the elements of Hilary and Donald Trump during this […]

  • Visit to the Bank of China (Macau Main Branch)