CKLC aims to establish a community that nurtures “good persons,” and to enable individual students to fulfill his or her intellectual and personal potential.

The College seeks to provide students with a caring environment, in which each and every student will assume responsibility for his or her behavior as a young adult while bringing his or her imagination and creativity into full play. The College expects its students to be engaged in various activities and programs that the College offers, especially those in the areas of service learning and global awareness, so as to live up to the honor of being a CKLC member.





Be sunny: we want CKLC students to have strong body and strong mind, be positive and compassionate.



Be honest: we expect CKLC students to behave honestly and strive to build a community of trust.


Be cooperative: we want CKLC students to develop team spirit and take care of each other.


Be driven: we CKLC students will seek continuous self-improvement, yet be humble enough to learn from others.