Dr. Xiaoming “Peter” Yu  小明 博士,書院院長Dr. Yu

Dr. Xiaoming Yu is an expert in the area of student affairs, with long working experience in US and Asia; his scholarship has been published or presented at international conferences. He finished his college education in China, obtained a master’s degree from UK, and received a Ph.D. degree from US. Those educational experiences in both the East and the West have equipped him with an insight into diverse student populations and enabled him to gain a global perspective. He also taught in higher education institutions in China and US. He joined the University of Macau in July 2012 as its founding Dean of Students.

Dr. Yu is a firm believer of residential college as an excellent platform for students to develop leadership skills and to be engaged in experiential learning. Dr. Yu and his team aims to nurture “a good person,” and strives to cultivate three traits in students: Be sunny; Be cooperative; and Be driven. To be sunny, students must have strong body and strong mind, be optimistic, positive, and compassionate; to be cooperative, students must foster team spirit and take care of each other; and to be driven, student must work hard to continuously improve themselves and be humble enough to learn from others.

Residential College is where students learn to better understand themselves and respect others; RC experience is when students bond with new friends and project themselves into the future world. CKLC is your home away from home.